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Linnae Barber, facing adversity throughout her childhood to adulthood, through life experiences and athletics, introduces Dream Face Believe... Own It!

Raised by deaf parents, Barber grew up in a bilingual and bicultural community. Having all female siblings, her father pushed them beyond limits in the realm of athletics. She was a Black Belt in Kenpo and a star basketball player at Chatsworth High School. Barber continued playing at the intercollegiate level at College of the Canyons, finishing her basketball career on a full athletic and academic scholarship at Texas A&M University Kingsville.

Not only does she have a strong background as a player but as a coach too. She is currently entering her 7th season as an Assistant Coach for the Women’s Basketball team at College of the Canyons. Barbers core values are: “God: I am NOTHING without him and I OWN who I am with him. Family: Keeps me humble and I strive to be the BEST ME that I can be. Passion: My passion for changing lives of student-athletes is authentic and allows me to bring out the BEST in who they are so they can OWN IT. Adventurous: Don’t wait for the “right time” to be creative and create memories that you can cherish forever. Do things from your SOUL. You never know About Making Dreams into reality doesn’t have to be difficult. With 3 simple steps: Face It, Believe It, and OWN IT, achieving your dreams can be easy. You can win on the court and IN LIFE and DreamFaceBelieve OWN IT can get you and/or your team there.

With sessions that promote core principles: individuality, value in changing lives, life balance, and team building you and/or your athlete(s) will GAIN: * deeper understanding and confidence about SELF * identity and identity achievement * an intense speed of mental, emotional and physical growth * strong communication between team members * individual and team motivation * mental toughness * clarified vision, goals and values * discovering your purpose * academic success * Psychological Skills Training (PST) ; Imagery * nutrition and fitness DFB Own It will help you and/or your team effectively as Coach Barber engages and interacts personally with you and/or your athlete(s). HART HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM MT. SAC SOFTBALL TEAM what you’re capable of achieving.

Health: doing activities such as yoga, hiking, running, and anything challenging. Also, having a nutritious lifestyle. This keeps me motivated and maintains a balance in my life.” Barbers philosophy and core values mentally and physically prepare her student-athletes off the court so they will achieve greatness on the court. Barber’s ultimate goal is for every student-athlete to become successful in their future endeavors. Her perspective on life is “our lives change in the blink of an eye and we never realize how it effects us in the long run. Some people experience traumatizing life events that mentally handicap them.” Barber is no stranger to the struggles of life, but it was her willingness to rise above them that has allowed her to be victorious on and off the court. Because of her personal growth and success, Barber is now
one of the most referred and recommended sports life coaches in Southern California.

Making Dreams into reality doesn’t have to be difficult. With 3 simple steps: Face It, Believe It, and OWN IT, achieving your dreams can be easy. 

If you seek services from Dream Face Believe... Own It, please inquire using the contact information below: Email: DFBOWNIT@GMAIL.COM Phone: (818) 430-3272

DFBOWNIT @DFBOWNIT “You have to be able to center yourself, to let all of your emotions go... Don’t ever forget that you play with your soul as well as your body.” -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS WOMENS BASKETBALL TEAM #DFBOWNIT WWW.DFBOWNIT.COM

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