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Shada  is an Ex professional Lebanese basketball player. She is the founder of  a Non-Profit called “Shada Nasr School Championship “ (SNSC)  which is a girls basketball tournament for all levels. Shada obtains a Bachelors in Computer Science (AUB) with honors and also an MBA (AUB) with distinction. She was the youngest player in Lebanese history to join the basketball national team of Lebanon at the age of 13. She has been wearing the Cedars #13 jersey for more than 17 years. She was the team captain on the Lebanese basketball National Team, Lebanese/Arab/West Asian Champions and  Riyadi Club. She lead the Lebanese National team in 2009 in the FIBA Asian Championship to put Lebanon in the top five teams in Asia for the first time in history. Shada has won 13 consecutive wins (1st Division Championships) 10 with Antranik club and 3 with Riyadi club.

Internationally, Shada has won 3 Arab titles,4 Western Asian championships and was recognized as the Most Valuable Point-Guard in the Arab Championship (2005 & 2014) and Most Valuable Player in Lebanon (2013, 2014, & 2015)

SNSC aims to provide young talented girls the opportunity to maximize their basketball potential.

To provide an opportunity for girls to compete in a team sport while making new friends from different backgrounds & culture.

Aims to improve the level of female basketball.

Spreads a healthy sports culture at a young age.

Boost the confidence of young athletes by getting early exposure and recognition.

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