Be A 9th Wonder Foundation, Inc


Lake Charles, LA  

Is the founder of the Louisiana Cares Foundation and the Battle of the Stars All Star Game held in Lake Charles, LA. Mr. Fifer has a true passion for helping kids take steps toward their athletic dreams.  He graduated from McNeese State University with a BS in Health Promotion and MS in Exercise Physiology.  The Louisiana Cares Foundation is a 501c3, non-profit organization, which has been in existence now for over 3 years.  The purpose of this organization is to showcase the young, talented athletes in Louisiana and around the entire country. Because there are so many skilled athletes in the state of Louisiana as well as other states. The Battle of the Stars All Star Game provides a concentrated approach to singling out other skilled athletes in their quest to secure post-secondary education funding.  This opportunity to showcase their skills and sportsmanship to scouts representing various colleges and universities are inevitable to student-athlete growth and success . The Louisiana Cares Foundation mission is to host events that are multi-disciplinary, educational and provide career opportunities for all youth.

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