Be A 9th Wonder Foundation, Inc

We will provide group and individual training sessions for all levels. Our training focuses on the mental aspect to the approach of the game of basketball, in hopes of creating a proper Foundation to build on that will help propel the individual as they mature in their craft. We’ve trained players from middle school all the way to international pro players.

Training Includes: Footwork, Passing, Getting Open, Dribbling, Defense, Shooting, 1 on 1 Moves, Hand and Eye Coordination, Team Concepts and more.

International Partnership

Education is key but even more so paramount. We’ve collaborated with different countries and support different educational systems from all over the world. Thus we act as a liaison with some of our partners to try and help any international student who are seeking an American education and are willing to fulfill the necessary requirements for the American Educational School System, whether it be high school and or College.

Special Needs

At Be A 9TH Wonder Foundation, we believe that everyone is different but equal and we are an all inclusive organization. We want every child to experience what we have to offer. We host national and international basketball clinics for Autistic and Special Needs children who enjoy the game of basketball and have the desire to get better. Our clinics are structured the same way as our normal clinics but will consist of more volunteers.

Be…Be  A 9th Wonder and Connect With Us.

** All of our partners are unpaid volunteers **