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Coburg Australia

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9th Wonder Recipient of The James Harden Internship Award

Our Mission 

To provide the untapped community of students and student athletes with education, sports development and life skills training at no cost, so the once overlooked child can flourish into an employable and productive citizen.

"Take the T out of I CAN'T and Use it to Try."

2017 Year End Recap Video 

"To be or not to be?" That's not the question, that is the answer.
You either are or You're not. So BE...Be A Ninth Wonder" -Remi Yusuf

Be A 9th Wonder Foundation, Inc

2nd Annual Autism Awareness Super Elite Clinic

The Vision 

To create a foundation in the youth that fosters hope, perseverance and self confidence in their everyday lives.

 Male Mentoring Day @ Libby Elementary ~ Chicago Illinois.